2015 Waypoint Goals – Half Way There Update…!



At the start of 2015, I shared our goals for the company here – https://www.wearewaypoint.com/2015-goals-2014-celebration/ – and provided an update at the end of QTR1 – https://www.wearewaypoint.com/ocius-digital-2015-goals-a-qtr1-update/.

In the six months since we first shared these we have seen huge growth in our office, team, service offering and market in general. In addition, I’ve been really heartened by the amount of clients and partners commented on the article and how pleased they were to see such openness – obviously something that we strive for throughout all of our work.

So, without further ado, let’s look at what we committed to as goals, with comments below in italics:

Goals for 2015


  • Set up a training video library for our retainer and support clients
    • This is fully produced and being used in all of our projects.
  • Complete a full implementation project in a country we haven’t worked in before (we’ve had Dubai, Hong Kong, US, AUS, NZ and UK so far!)
    • Boom! Done. We are completing a Xero setup right now for a client in Trinidad and Tobago. In addition, we also have support work happening for a Japanese WorkflowMax client. 🙂
  • Recruit a third permanent person (in addition to the current two people and three external staff) for Waypoint in Melbourne)
    • Completed in May with the hire of Jayne Moberley, and in addition since then we have added Luke in Melbourne too (currently on a casual basis).
  • Publish 4 blog posts per month (both on business and personal themes) for 2015
    • This continues to happen through 2015, something that we’re really pleased with.
  • Achieve $250,000 equivalent yearly revenue for three recurring months
    • This was achieved and broken in QTR2 this year.
  • Recruit a UK based contractor and develop channels in the UK
    • In order to focus our growth and efforts on the Australian market we have left this goal alone for the moment, and I don’t expect to meet it this year.
  • Grow retainer and support recurring revenue to $5,000 per month
    • This is getting ever closer, and although we’re not there yet, I anticipate that we’ll be above this before the end of the year.
  • Grow Waypoint website to 600 individual visits, and 1,000 views per month (approx. increase of 40%)
    • We have smashed this target with the website now 1,600 unique visits alone in the last month. This is a further great sign of our market taking off in AU.
  • Achieve $350,000 equivalent yearly revenue (stretch goal)
    • Completed at the turn of 2014-5 financial year, we’ve had three months solid revenue above this target.


  • Partner with a leading accounting firm to set up a business services division for their company, effectively white labelling Waypoint
    • Discussions have started on this with two Melbourne based firms and one in Sydney. More to come soon hopefully.
  • Garry to lead a number of projects across many varying industries, focusing on working with at least 15 start-ups in setting up positive systems and processes.
    • This is continuing to happen, with numbers creeping up now and we’re confident in achieving this before end of year.
  • Complete implementations in three new countries (stretch goal)
    • Nope! Two to date – we’re getting there, but we’re still working on this.
  • Grow Waypoint to five people in Melbourne (stretch goal)
    • Nearly there – four so far, and looking to continue growth
  • Grow retainer and support recurring revenue to $10,000 per month (stretch goal)
    • Not yet, however we are going through a lot of internal working at the moment in order to increase our offering in this area.

Abandoned/Not Met

  • Sponsor an event at the 2015 Victoria Small Business Festival
    • Unfortunately due to an increase in growth, and new staff on-boarding this didn’t happen with bad timing. Some goals you set and miss, we’ll reload for this one next year as it’s still a keen interest.
  • Exhibit at Xerocon in Melbourne 2015
    • We made a decision that exhibiting wouldn’t suit our market, as we don’t have ‘trials’ of what we do and due to the relationship nature of it. That said, all four staff will be in attendance at Xerocon and we are looking to hold an event around that time in Melbourne for our partners.
  • Get a PR article into AFP, CRN, The Age or similar
    • Nothing as yet – anyone out there in our contacts that can help us?
  • Garry to present at each of our quarterly Small Business Discussions
    • Unfortunately these quarterly meetings have slowed somewhat with the growth we’ve had year to date. We will be looking to get this back on track though.

Dan’s personal goals for 2015

  • Get married in February 2015
    • Tick!
  • Take a two week holiday in second half 2015 (possibly USA)
    • Tick – heading over to California in August

Garry’s personal goals for 2015

  • Continue to grow personal network and on-board 2 new accountants/bookkeepers to Waypoint
    • This is well on target, and with our increased resources and new staff we are looking to increase this further in the second half of this year.
  • Get involved with RMIT Business Design Class as an alumnus.
    • Nothing as yet, but a strong target for end of this year.