A huge start to 2019/20 Financial Year

Hiring, Hiring and More Hiring

With a huge start to 2019/20 Financial Year including Xerocon in Brisbane, QuickBooks Connect in San Jose and a multiple of client projects going live, we have also been stepping up our staff hiring.

To that end, we have three new staff to introduce. Two have started and are already in front of workshops, projects and the like – with Mathew starting in January 2020.

All of this puts us in a great position to implement several plans we have to bring a tonne of new and exciting content to the Australian and worldwide market with a couple of our key vendors – more on this very soon.

For now, please welcome the following:

Krystal Tyack

Passionate Sci-Fi Geek who handles the Production side of Waypoint, taking client business requirements and turning them into successful systems.

Hannah Wolstencroft

Camper trailer and general outdoors devotee using over 20 years dedicated to production across numerous industries to help ambitious clients navigate implementation smoothly.

Mathew Elms

Multi-Instrumentalist (Guitarist, Drummer, Bass, Piano – thanks for asking!) and hirsute Sales guru identifying problems and finding solutions for your business. Outside of sales, obsessed with two Kelpies and keeping them in a lifestyle they have become accustomed to: 2-3 walks a day, their own leather couch….!