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Accounting Partner Case Study – Basis 365

US Xero Gold Partners work with Waypoint to forge cloud solutions for clients across the USA.

  • Name of company: Basis 365
  • Your name: Rhett Molitor
  • Position: Director

“Bring in experts to help you scale

The Company

“Forward thinking accountants” Basis 365 Accounting provide outsourced, cloud-based accounting services.

With the strategic combination of a team-based approach and integrated technologies, Basis 365 Accounting delivers reliable, timely financial information with a quick response time. Whilst agencies, ecommerce and software companies represent the Xero Partner’s niche market, the firm’s customers span $1M – $20M in revenue or funded startup.

The Problem

In striving to create the ultimate accounting solution for their custom- ers, Basis 365 Accounting sometimes comes across solutions beyond their expertise.

“That means we may need to implement a tool we have not used before,” explains Rhett Molitor, cofounder of Basis 365 Accounting, “or simply require additional resources to manage a project implementation.”

The Solution

Whilst considering their approach to the implementation, the decision was made to outsource. Cloud technology providers Waypoint stepped in to manage the migration process for the accounting firm’s client.

The Outcome

“With the support of Ocius, we have the ability to take on more customers and implement tools we have not used before, “ says Rhett.

Waypoint’s cloud expertise also gives the firm great confidence to embrace larger data conversions than they would normally undertake internally.

“Bring in experts to help you scale,” says Rhett. “Ocius know the best apps on the market, which helps us deliver the ultimate accounting solution for our customers.”

“Extremely pleased” with the outcome, Rhett sees the firm’s partner- ship with Waypoint as a smart strategic approach that allows them to deliver large scale projects depending on each client’s individual needs.

More Information

You can find a PDF copy of this Xero case study to download or reference here

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