Announcing the Waypoint Advisory Board

Following our invitations at the end of financial year, we are pleased to announce we have finalised our Advisory Board.

As the owner of Waypoint, my aim is to draw on the expertise of leading business minds to help us take advantage of the widening market, and grow exponentially over the next few years.

I have always been a firm believer that if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. With that in mind, we’ve identified three people who have been there and done that.

As we grow to stand on the shoulders of giants such as Xero and the Add-on community, the input of our Advisory Board will prove invaluable.

Let me introduce you to the crew.

Blake Oliver

unnamed-2Blake is an accountant, consultant and blogger specialising in accounting technology. This year he was named accounting industry 40 Under 40 honoree for 2016 by CPA Practice Advisor.

I met Blake in Los Angeles about 18 months ago. Knowing that he was heavily involved with Xero in the US, I sent him a tweet one morning from Santa Monica saying simply, “I am here, do you fancy a coffee?”

I was incredibly impressed with his willingness to meet with me, despite the fact I could offer nothing in return.

Following my mantra of “been there, done that”, Blake has successfully founded, built and gained investment for a Xero-based firm, and his experience and advice will be highly regarded.

Click here to see Blake’s profile on LinkedIn.

Amy Harris

unnamedAmy is the co-founder of CrunchBoards. Launched in 2014, CrunchBoards is an award-winning, all-in-one forecasting and reporting engine that gives businesses a clear view of where they’ve been, how they are trending today and where they’re going.

We were first exposed to CrunchBoards when offered to beta the system three years ago. In this time, we’ve seen it grow and develop within the Xero community. CrunchBoards was recently featured on the BBC to an audience of 110m and has nearly 10,000 users in nearly 90 countries.

Considering she has built a recurring revenue model business in the UK, I’m especially keen to have Amy’s involvement.

In addition, she hears from accountants, bookkeepers, and clients every day about the problems they are facing – just the problems we are trying to solve.

Click here for Amy’s LinkedIn profile.

Frank Varapodio

unnamed-1Frank is the Director of V&A Accountants and Business Advisors. Established in 2011, the professional team at V&A have expertise across several key industries to support individuals and small-to-medium enterprise clients with their accounting, taxation, finance and financial planning needs.

V&A Accountants is a Xero Gold Partner in Adelaide and Sydney.

Having an Australian partner on the Board was important, being that we are currently based here.

Frank has also been an Waypoint client, and offers a unique insight into our service offering and into ways we can develop.

Click here to read more about Frank on LinkedIn.

Together, I’m confident we have a great collective mindset. I’m also incredibly proud of the fact we have people from three completely different areas of the world.

Although each country has its own characteristics, I believe these kinds of small business systems will bring the world closer.

While based in Melbourne, Australia, we’ve already completed work in over ten different countries. I can only see this growing. Watch out for further exciting developments throughout the rest of the year.