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Archie Rose – Client Story

The Archie Rose Distilling Co has developed a big reputation for a small, independent distillery. It’s not easy going up against the might of the distilling giants, but the drinking public has shown, that despite economic uncertainty, they will pay for quality and something a little bit different. And that’s precisely what Archie Rose produces from their Sydney base – quality Gin, Whisky and Vodka.

Founder and Managing Director Will Edwards wanted to right a wrong. And that wrong was that Sydney didn’t have its own independent distillery. Enlisting the help of experts and starting with a blank canvas, Will leads a team that’s created a modern distillery that’s proudly Australian.

As the business grew it was clear that the old ways of managing the business wasn’t good enough. It was very much a case of ‘what got us here, won’t get us there.’

What Was the Problem

The key issue for the Archie Rose team was that the tracking of their materials and final product were all done manually. That meant an awful lot of time was wasted managing regulatory compliance, especially reporting to the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

We evaluated every aspect of their inventory management and reporting requirements to help identify their ideal process. This included reviewing the individual Excel spreadsheets that they were using at that time. Once the requirements were understood, we selected DEAR Inventory as the perfect technology partner.

The Solution

We worked hard together to get to grips with Archie Rose’s Bill of Materials and costs, which given the nature of the product, was particularly complex. One of DEAR Inventory’s real strengths is its ability to handle these scenarios, especially where multiple layers of production are a factor. In Archie Rose’s case there were up to seven distinct production layers.

The Result

Archie Rose now have the ability to report to ATO with just a few clicks. That includes simple compliance based reporting, right the way through to complex reports which covers alcohol related excise information. In addition to this, they have the ability to monitor stock levels at the warehouses of their suppliers. What this ultimately means is that Archie Rose have saved a considerable amount of admin time.

Will now has far more confidence in the reporting across the entire business. It’s allowed him to manage the here and now with real-time reporting, while also keeping an eye to the future thanks to DEAR’s forecasting capabilities. And with sales and their reputation continuing to grow, that future looks very positive.

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Waypoint have restored my faith in IT professionals. Can’t imagine a better company to work with and entrust my IT needs to The whole team can see the huge difference that these systems have made in our work. The customer service has been second to none with Waypoint going out of their way numerous times to assist us in any way that they could. I couldn’t recommend Waypoint any higher - it was the best investment we made towards the growth of our business.
Dina Listmangof

Owner HappyGreen Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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