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Aussie branding company’s migration to DEAR Inventory gets thumbs up from GM


When the time came to replace an outdated inventory system, AFI Branding partnered with Waypoint to find a modern, flexible software package that would integrate with AFI’s marketing, sales, operations and finance systems.

The Client

AFI Branding is a leader in fabric signage for the retail, exhibition and event sectors. The company’s extensive product range includes customised flags, marquees, fabric walls, banners, exhibition displays, and an award-winning tensioned fabric display system called ReFrame®.

General Manager Brendon Rowse says the company’s success in business over two decades can be attributed to a strong drive to remain at the forefront of innovation and trends in the industry, backed by an end-to-end approach to the entire production process.

“We’ve made significant investments in industry-leading technology,” Brendon says, “in order to keep critical design, print, fabrication and finishing processes in-house.”

The Problem

When the time came to replace an ERP inventory module, the company was keen to find a modern, flexible software package that would integrate with marketing, sales, operations and finance systems.

“Being committed to continuously improving product and service quality, we identified the potential for systems development to advance quality and outcomes for our customers,”  Brendon explains. “For commercial reasons, we needed to decide whether to retain our existing inventory management software or explore other options.”

The decision was made to seek the expertise of a cloud IT professional. “Our accountant recommended Waypoint as an expert advisor in this space,” Brendon says.

The Solution

Waypoint’s Operations Manager, Dan Fairbairn, worked closely with AFI Branding before identifying a range of alternative solutions. DEAR Inventory stood out as the best fit to support the manufacturing innovation that is key to company’s identity and specialisation.

“We were aware of other systems that had the basic functionality we needed, but Waypoint recommended options that would provide the integration we really needed,” says Brendon. “In particular, DEAR Inventory would connect well with other key components of our envisaged information systems architecture.”

DEAR Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management software with an extensive range of order management, inventory control, sales tools and accounting functionalities. DEAR Inventory integrates with leading accounting software such as Xero, and provides companies with the tools they need to remain productive, competitive and profitable.

The Outcome

The switch to DEAR inventory required minor customisation, training and support activity. At the same time, Waypoint conferred with AFI Branding’s other system developers to facilitate the integration.

“Waypoint investigated the information we were already working with, checked that it would easily map across to DEAR Inventory, conducted the data transfer, customised standard reports, and provided training for those who needed to use the system,” says Brendon.

“The system has been very stable, responsive and highly available since then,” he says.  

Brendon is confident the new software will serve the company well for years to come.

“Our inventory management process will now span the full range of products we work with, and will be part of a larger set of more automated business processes,” explains Brendon.

Brendon says AFI Branding values healthy business partnerships, and anticipates Waypoint will experience strong growth based on a superior level of expertise, professionalism and support.

“Waypoint were knowledgeable, proactive, personable, honest, professional, and got the job done on time, at the expected cost,” he says. “Their success on our project started with listening carefully to what we wanted to achieve and offering a range of alternative solutions.  Then they were ready to follow through without any unexpected issues on the option we chose to run with.”

Mat (Client Service Manager) from Waypoint says working with the team at AFI Branding was a pleasure. “We’re more than happy with the end result,” he says of the project. “Their commitment to progress and learning has made our jobs all the more easier.”

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