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BLK Box – Client Story

Belfast based BLK Box is an incredible business that goes from strength to strength. They sell their own brand gym equipment to the public and to gyms across the World. They also design and create complete gym facilities for gym owners that don’t want to compromise on quality.
They sell their gym equipment online, at their own premises and they also have their own sales team that sells direct to gyms. Not surprisingly, managing their inventory is an important aspect of how BLK Box operates. Knowing stock levels, keeping on top of finances and working as efficiently as possible are common goals for most retailers.

What Was the Problem

Greg Bradley, BLK Box’s Managing Director and his team tackled these goals by using a combination of three software tools. They used Xero to manage their accounts, TradeGecko, to manage their inventory and Trello to help with their productivity and reporting. While this combination worked well for them initially, when they wanted to add some new functionality to address new problems, they found that their current set-up wasn’t capable.

Jonathan Fox from our UK office worked closely with Greg to understand the key gaps between what they had and what they wanted. Through those conversations we were able to establish a clear sense of what Greg wanted from his ideal inventory management system.

The Solution

Specifically, there were some fundamental requirements that needed to be addressed. They were:

  • Adapting to rapid change
  • The impact of technology
  • The shift to advisory services

After a number of meetings between our teams in Melbourne and the UK, we recommended DEAR Systems as the ideal inventory platform for BLK Box.

And, of course, Gregory wanted to do all this without disrupting the business. After much planning, training and testing, our team in Australia were able to complete the migration overnight ensuring that there was no system down time. As far as their customers were concerned, it was just business as usual.

The Result

As a result of our work together, BLK Box have solved some very real operational issues. Not only do they have an inventory management system that serves their needs today, but they have a platform that they can build on when their demands inevitably change tomorrow.

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Their success on our project started with listening carefully to what we wanted to achieve and offering a range of solutions.
Brendan Rowse

Manager AFI Branding Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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