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DEAR Inventory and Vend integration passes the test



Following the recent release of a beta integration between DEAR Inventory and Vend, we decided to put it to the test.

And we were suitably impressed with the results. Seamless and accurate – it’s how we want our software and systems to work. We want our accounting to link to our warehousing, to link to our point-of-sale (POS), to link to our e-commerce. The recent announcement of a beta integration between our inventory partners DEAR Inventory and POS partners Vend now gives us the means to link a range of software together in an accurate, functional and easily manageable way.

Vend-iPad-CafeWhilst many of our clients have a strong physical retail presence or sell significantly through their warehouse or 3PL arrangements, it’s been challenging to incorporate a fast and efficient POS or fully-functional inventory management solution into the primary function of the business.

However, this new integration provides the opportunity to scale and expand business to new heights.

Below is an example of how this new integration will enable our clients to manage sales efficiently with seamless cloud integration between platforms.


Cloud integration: Duke’s Beer

Duke’s Beer produces and sells craft beer. They source stock from multiple suppliers, both locally and internationally, and sell the product to pubs and other retailers – B2B, online (Shopify, Magento), eBay, and via a cellar door style outlet direct to the consumer (B2C).

Duke’s Beer would like to manage the production of its beer and consequent stock management through its various stores and sales channels without wasting time double handling sales entries and stock levels into individual software platforms.

For this, an integration between DEAR Inventory, Vend and Xero presents an ideal solution.

On the production and stock management front, DEAR Inventory produces the goods with full production utilising Bill of Materials, Batch Tracking, Location Tracking and Inventory Reporting, whilst receiving sales information and updating stock levels in Vend, eBay and the e-commerce store.



When it comes to sales and accounting, we see a clear and accurate integration between the various sales channels utilising DEAR Inventory and Xero. Sales are channelled via eBay, Shopify and the cellar door through the Vend Register App. These sales orders are processed and automated in DEAR, making the sales process quick and painless. Once processed, orders are shipped and payments are recorded in Xero when the money hits the account (Bank Feeds), and in Dear Inventory against the sales order, with all associated accounting taken into account.

But what about B2B sales? Simple. These are entered directly into DEAR Inventory and are handled exactly the same. Payments are recorded in Xero and notify DEAR Inventory upon receipt of payment, enabling reporting on a whole range of aspects to do with inventory and effective management.

This solution works for a whole range of industries. With such a wide range of user cases, DEAR Inventory can now cater for those with a need for a fast POS, and Vend can now handle complex inventory, ultilising Bill of Materials, Batch Tracking and more.

Personally, I’m always excited to see a new integration between market leaders. This beta launch has given us an opportunity to try and break the integration before we start rolling it out to clients. I’ll have to admit defeat in this instance – my disruptive attempts got me nowhere.

I encourage any business looking to scale (and accountants with clients who could use a solution such as this) to get in contact with us and discuss the possibilities.