DEAR Inventory – July 2016 Updates



I thought I would take the time to introduce myself briefly. My name is Rhys and I have recently joined Waypoint as their Education Specialist. I will be working with both our previous clients, like yourself, and new to ensure you have full comprehension of what has been implemented.

In this update I would like to outline the recent feature release by DEAR Inventory without too much of the technical info. At a glance you should be able to determine what features are relevant to your setup:

Summary of DEAR Inventory Feature Release (July, 2016)

  • Customer Statements: Quickly and easily produce customer statements. This feature enables you to give more accounting control to your staff without providing access to your accounting software, which can be ‘dangerous’.
  • New Attribute type sets: Attributes are no longer just simple custom text boxes. Now with Dropdown Menus and Checkboxes you will be able to ensure consistent customisation by predetermined criteria.
  • Attributes in Sales/Purchasing: Along with the addition of checkbox and dropdown menus custom attributes are now available within sales and purchases. Perfect for streamlining unique workflows, this is one of the biggest features we’ve been requesting.
  • Barcode Scanning: Now live in all product lookup fields.
  • Transactions breakdown: From within Sales and Purchases the Activity Log now shows General Ledger accounting impact. As with the customer statements above, this is ideal for people who need to check the financials of an order but without going into your accounting package.
  • SKU auto-generation: Automatically generate a custom product SKU for new products being created. Perfect for second hand or similar products.
  • CSV Import (Issue to Production): Save time with large issue to production commands by importing through CSV.
  • UI localisation: Chinese traditional has been included, with more localisation planned for the future.
  • New Supplier/Customer fields: Job Title and Mobile Phone No fields have been included. These can now be Mail Merged in your email templates.
  • Email UI Upgrade: It now allows adding any contacts to To and CC fields with selection from the list of available contacts. A time saver from remembering contact names at an organisation.
  • Usability: Upon loading a page, your cursor will now automatically start in the relevant search field. Tiny change, but fantastic for usability.
  • New payment term: ‘Days since end of month’ is now a payment term option.
  • Assign Custom Sales Rep to Channel: You can now assign a customised sales rep to integrated sales channel. For instance, this enables you to apply a custom identity to your ecommerce platform integration for stronger reporting.

Full feature release here: DEAR Systems: New Release 10-Jul-2016 – Customer statements, Additional Purchase and Sale Attributes, new Financials for Quickbooks Online

That’s it from me today. If you would like further information regarding how these new features could be utilised by your business just drop me a line.

Rhys Bennett | Education Specialist

+61 3 9008 5950 | +61 451 936 372 | rhys@wearewaypoint.com