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Devil in the detail for WorkflowMax success


Whether you’re working in the creative arts, marketing, architecture, business, engineering, consulting, IT or construction industry, tracking time and costs against each jobs is essential for an in-depth understanding of how and why your project is (or isn’t) performing.

WorkflowMax is a powerful job management software application used to connect elements such as quotes, jobs, time sheets, job costings and invoicing to people, customers and suppliers. As a Xero Add-on, WorkflowMax integrates with your accounting software, as well as more than 25 other systems. The result is a strong reporting module that enables and supports comprehensive financial tracking, resource management and reporting on one integrated platform.

You can get WorkflowMax up and running quickly for your business, but there are several areas to consider prior to using the system that will have a profound effect on workflows and how you handle information going forward. Not every setup task is required in every case, and you may decide that some of the tasks do not apply to your business. However setting up a job alone without customising the settings can be limiting in what you are trying to achieve out of WorkflowMax.

Below are three of several settings in WorkflowMax that are customisable to enable greater control of your business.

Job categories – By formulating your job categories, you can group jobs that are similar and can be tracked for reporting and filtering purposes. You can create a new job from scratch, but if the new job is similar to an existing job it’s generally quicker to copy an existing job and make the required changes. This area is a common issue that causes confusion when organisations start using WorkflowMax – jobs seem to have no separation or rather too much disassociation.

Job templates – Job templates are useful for tracking similar projects that have recurring tasks or milestones. It’s surprising how many people still don’t use custom templates for estimated billings or quoting, considering the time saving benefits.

Estimated billing – This is an area that organisations tend to undervalue, but the importance of estimating a cost before a project or a job starts can’t be emphasised enough. WorkflowMax’s time tracking software indicates who has been working on each job and how long it has taken them. If set up right, the data gathered will ensure accurate quotes for jobs so that you never undercharge for a job again.

As with so much when it comes to cloud based software, the devil is in the detail. If any of the above does not make sense, we advise you get a WorkflowMax expert involved as these are areas that can compound if not setup correctly in the beginning.

We can’t say it enough – WorkflowMax takes the pain out of running your business so you can work on the business rather than IN it. Contact Waypoint today for support and advice.