Education Specialist Rhys Bennett joins the team

This week, Rhys Bennett takes on the role of Education Specialist at Waypoint.

After eight years in management and IT consulting within the retail sector, Rhys applauds the many changes he has seen in the industry. He recognises the need for specialist assistance in organisations keen to streamline.

“I’ve seen the migration of users from barbaric software services into more nimble solution based systems,” Rhys says.

“In this transition I’ve seen a great need for assistance and education of companies wishing to improve their business.”

Rhys looks forward to working with the progressive cloud integration company, in particular assisting Waypoint customers to build confidence and satisfaction with the solutions they are implementing.

Managing Director Dan Fairbairn says Rhys used to own and run a similar company to Waypoint, so the meeting of minds makes sense.

“What use is a lovely, clean new system without the training?” Dan says. “As an educator, Rhys will develop internal resources such as guides and videos, and provide ongoing support for Waypoint clients.”

“I’m looking forward to combining industry experience and expertise with our resource and skill base,” explains Dan.

In his spare time, Rhys dabbles in photography and design.. that is when he’s not hunting down Melbourne’s next best eatery.