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Effective change management is the terrain of a good leader


With the nature of our work here at Waypoint, we often encounter organisations going through a significant transformation or change. This process can spark an array of issues, forcing staff members to break old habits and forge new ones in the hope of improving the business as a whole.

Effective organisations are often run via systems and processes; routines that over time become hard-wired in to how we operate as employees. As humans, many of us crave routine. We like things to feel safe and secure, and therefore we go about our day-to-day lives doing the same thing over and over.

As a result, we actually do nothing! Even if the systems and processes in place are not up to date with modern practice and technology.

It takes real a real leader for change to succeed.

Leaders cause and manage change. Leaders wander down the path unknown. Leaders innovate, risking failure for the chance to do something great.

But change is never easy – in fact, only 25% of change management initiatives are successful over the long term.

So what can you do to give yourself the best possible opportunity to succeed?

Be a leader. Be visible throughout the project and be genuinely and highly committed to the initiative, particularly if you’re the CEO or Managing Director.

Create a sense of urgency. Make it imperative that this project succeeds. Find a way to communicate the need for the project broadly and effectively.

Empower your people to act on your vision. Delegate roles to give your team members a true sense of involvement, but remain a highly visible leader within the project.

Make short-term goals. Create a pathway to success – many small goals make up a large one. Break the project into bite size pieces.

Encourage uptake. Employees who “get it” provide greater value to your organisation then those who don’t. Promote the people who are willing to go the extra mile to help the business develop and grow.

Continually review and update your goals. To develop and grow your business, you must be constantly moving, changing and updating, or you risk being left behind. Make it a priority to review and update your project goals and progress before, during and after its completion.

This project is your opportunity to improve your business, improve yourself, and strengthen the team you have around you.

Be warned however, change is not as simple as these suggestions may have you believe. You can expect opposition, and there will most often be resistance, but leaders persist and make the change a firm part of the culture moving forward.

Just remember, if you are doing the same thing today as you did yesterday, you are doing NOTHING!