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Google Apps – The Ultimate Productivity Tool

Boost your productivity at work with Google Apps

Google Apps is the ultimate online productivity tool.

Besides access to your email, contacts and calendar from anywhere at anytime, Google Apps offers a huge range of collaboration tools including live spreadsheets, word documents, and more.

Often overlooked because it is so relatively inexpensive, Google Apps actually provides incredible value.

200 IT staff and end users whose companies moved to Google Apps took part in a study conducted by Forrester Consulting for Google. The companies that participated in the study chose Google Apps because their existing email platforms were outdated and expensive to maintain. Whilst they met their goal of reducing IT costs, the general consensus revealed that the productivity gains of Apps were actually three times larger than these savings.

Between internal server downtime, system updates, patches and ongoing maintenance, on-premise solutions cost time and money. Google Apps reduces IT costs whilst offering even greater gains in employee productivity.

Here is a summary of the key benefits of Google Apps:

  • Complete package – Rather than opening and closing various applications, employees do all their work in a united interface with a single sign-on.
  • Efficient email – Gmail’s Google-powered search and industry-leading spam protection allow you to find and filter messages in 28% less time.
  • Teamwork – Forrester Consulting’s study for Google revealed that internal collaboration is 20% faster when teams co-edit documents in Apps, eliminating confusion over versions and the need to consolidate feedback.
  • Access from anywhere – Google Apps enables employees to stay productive when they’re out of the office, even from their personal mobile devices. Users can view and edit documents from a laptop, tablet or phone, and sync Google Apps with a phone’s built-in calendar. This means for example, you can draft a proposal in Docs at the office, review it on the train and make final edits on your phone before a meeting.
  • Cloud storage – By saving work in Drive, you can access your files from any device and share them with colleagues. No more sending attachments or merging different versions.
  • Security – Secure mobile devices, email addresses and security settings from the Google Admin console to keep company data safe and centralised.
  • Meetings – Schedule events in Calendar and receive meeting reminders directly to your inbox – you can even check co-workers’ availability by layering their calendars in a single view. It’s also easy to join a video meeting through Hangouts and share slides with colleagues.

And here are just two of the latest Google App features to boost your productivity even further:

  • Respond to emails without opening them – Gmail Quick Buttons let you take action on an email from your inbox without opening the individual message. These buttons appear next to certain types of messages in your inbox and allow you to RSVP to a friend’s party, rate a restaurant, follow Twitter users back and even view tweets.
  • Use Google Keep reminders – Google Keep is a note-taking service for Android, Web and Chrome that allows you to set reminders, insert images and add new lists. It also works with Google Now to remind you of tasks and errands while you’re at the right time and place. For example, you can add time-based reminders for a specific date and time or a more general time of day, like “tomorrow afternoon”.

There are two user license structures for Google Apps:

  • $5 per month for the standard option includes 30GB of storage
  • $10 per month for unlimited access and storage

Click here to find out exactly what’s included – if you have questions, feel free to contact the Waypoint team to find out which one would suit you best.

Google Apps is a less expensive alternative to traditional proprietary software. In addition to the standard Gmail, Calendar and Doc features, there are a wide variety of integrated apps available that add functionality to Google Apps. This includes single sign-on capability, which limits the number of passwords users must remember.

At Waypoint, we can handle your Google migration and set your business up for maximum productivity. We offer this assistance at a cost of $1000 – $2000 plus GST, depending on your number of users.

This service includes complete setup, migration of all the information from your current accounts (including email, contacts and calendar) and full training.

To find out more about what we do visit ociusdigital-wpengine-com.www.wearewaypoint.com, and you can reach out to the team at dan@wearewaypoint.com.