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Accounting Practice Management

You’re accounting masters. You’re brilliant at what you do and your clients love you. How’d you like to spend more time helping them? We help accounting practices develop smarter, more profitable ways of working.
You’re unique and so is your practice, but there are some challenges that you share. Whether you serve a broad range of industries or focus on just a select few, it’s likely that some of these will sound familiar.

  • “Where are we with the XYZ filing?”
  • “Jane’s off sick, anyone know what she was working on?”
  • “Advisory?
  • “Sounds great, but where can we find the time?”
  • “We’re losing track of tasks.”

Core Challenges


Visibility and Control

Change, as they say, is the only constant. That’s certainly the case in the world of accounting. New business models. New technology. New compliance initiatives. This new reality means it’s harder than ever to have visibility on what’s happening within your practice. That lack of visibility can lead to a lack of control. And a lack of control can be damaging to business and a real cause of stress amongst your team.

Shifting to Advisory

Whether you’re all-in with advisory or remain to be convinced, there’s no doubt that it’s a hot topic of conversation within the accounting community. Many are finding that making the shift to advisory is easier said than done. If you’re already losing the billable time it’s dangerous to assume that advisory is the silver bullet. Making the shift in the model is the perfect time to develop new workflows and smarter ways of working.

The Impact of Technology

“There’s an app for that.” While the famous line from the Apple advert is true, it’s also caused a lot of problems for accounting practices. Adding new apps can help you automate tasks but managing them, getting them working together and training your team to use them, creates its own challenge. Keeping your software and apps stack small and agile is a challenge worth solving.

Real Problems. Real Solutions.

We believe there’s a better approach to run your practice. An approach that is about LESS tools, not more. An approach that is all about putting you in control and maximizing your billable hours. It’s what we call Service Operations, and, through our partnership with Accelo, we’ll help you develop smarter ways of working, driven by a single, powerful application.

Workflow Automation

Use triggers and automation to improve your agencies processes and workflows – speeding up operations.

Centralised Inbox

View all client and team communication in a single place – increasing efficiency throughout your entire agency.

Automated Timesheets

Remove the hassle of time sheets with a system that tracks emails, calendar entries & notes in real time.

Sales Management

Two-way, native sync with Google Apps, Office365, and Exchange.

Team Scheduling

Ease your capacity planning headaches by managing the peaks and troughs of your agency workload.

Manage Projects

Use a suite of tools to help take the pain out of project management managing client and internal projects.

OMG these guys are amazing & I would highly recommend We Are Waypoint! Their quick response to sort out any issue, no matter how big or small is outstanding. They never make you feel foolish & always put you at ease as they will find a solution. They totally know their stuff. As our business grows, I know that we will be calling on their expertise again
Sal Blain

Manager Ag Spray Centre Goondiwindi, QLD, Australia

Let Us Help You Grow

Our experience of working with lots of accountants over the years has taught us something you may already know – managing an accounting practice is hard. Our job to help you navigate the path to a better way of working for you and your clients.