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Food and Drink Inventory

You produce some of the best food and drink customers can’t get enough of. Your customers love you, and your products. How would you like to spend more time building on your success? We help food and drink businesses streamline their end-to-end inventory process.
Running an food and drink manufacturer and/or wholesaler means that you spend a lot of time spinning plates. While you have your own challenges, we think you might recognise some of these issues as well.

  • “Why is that product out of stock?”
  • “When are these raw materials going to expire?”
  • “How much are these recipes costing me to make?.”
  • “A product got recalled – where did we use that?”
  • “Our costs have risen by how much?”

Core Challenges


Batch Tracking

With raw materials, and finished goods, moving around warehouses at a million miles an hour – keeping track of it all is hard. Batch numbers could relate to your raw materials, your work in progress or your finished goods, and be in any one of a number of locations and warehouses.

Stock Expiry Frustration

Customer loyalty isn’t what it used to be. When hit with a a situation where your stock is expired, we’ll typically go elsewhere to find someone who has what you don’t. Keeping your warehouse stocked is just good for business but it’s hard, especially if you’re relying on a manual stock reordering process.

Updating Recipes

Keeping recipe information and stock on hand up to date across all channels can be a logistical nightmare. Updating multiple spreadsheets, your website and your Inventory platform can be a real time suck. It’s also the kind of work that isn’t exactly fulfilling. Creating a one-and-done process, automates reordering and saves time and frustration.

Real Problems. Real Solutions.

We believe there’s a smarter way to run your food and drink operation. An approach that’s about automating your inventory management. An approach that saves time, money, and puts you back in control. Through our partnership with DEAR Inventory, we’ll help you deliver smarter ways of working, and a more profitable business.

Manage transactions in real time

Remove the guesswork from your e-commerce business by having real-time visibility of all of your transactions.

Automate, pick, pack, and ship.

Reduce the human errors in your distribution operation by automating the entire pick, pack and ship workflow.

Up-to-date product information.

Take the pain out of data entry & have confidence that the product information you see is accurate everywhere.

Create insightful sales reports.

Get real-time sales reports to help you understand your business and make smarter, commercial decisions.

Seamless product variation support.

Enjoy the flexibility of applying the right product variations to the items you sell in your e-commerce store.

Automatically update stock levels.

Take the pain away from manual data-entry and support smarter stock re-ordering by automating stock level updates.

Their success on our project started with listening carefully to what we wanted to achieve and offering a range of solutions.
Brendan Rowse

Manager AFI Branding Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Let Us Help You Grow

We’ve learned a lot from working with eCommerce businesses over the years. We know how hard it can be to remain competitive, and profitable. Our job is to help you develop smarter inventory processes driven by the right inventory management platform.