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Inventory for Health and Beauty

The products you sell, sell well because you’re brilliant at what you do. Your clients love you and your products. How would you like to spend more developing your marketing or developing new product lines? We help Health & Beauty businesses streamline their end-to-end inventory process.
The brand you’re building is unique, as is your business. But there are some challenges that you share with your competitors – one of those is how you manage your inventory. Regardless of what you sell, we think some of these will sound familiar.

  • “Why is that product out of stock?”
  • “If we change the ingredients, what will it cost?”
  • “Why are we running low on our main raw material?”
  • “Why is it taking so long to ship?”
  • “Someone used the wrong exchange rate.”

Core Challenges


Tracking Batch Numbers

Many beauty and healthcare products promote the fact that they are ‘natural’, ‘humane’, or ‘gluten free’. This is great, but how do you know this? Having visibility from suppliers dropping the goods to the warehouse, through production and into sales is critical and challenging. Batch numbers help by showing you exactly where your products and raw materials are coming from and going to.

Pick, Pack, Ship Frustration

Getting your products into the hands of retailers, wholesalers and your direct clients as quickly as possible is key to any Health & Beauty business. Automating as much of your pick, pack and ship process can go a long way to making this happen. Get your products out on time and everyone is happy. Get them out late and you risk the wrath of unhappy partners & clients.

Production Records

Keeping accurate production information is vital to any health and beauty business. Knowing what goes into every product helps you make smart decisions. And, if things go wrong, understanding ‘why’, is so important. Accurately capturing wastage levels, production errors, changes to recipes and every aspect of production is made easier through automation.

Real Problems. Real Solutions.

There’s a better approach to managing your inventory. An approach that automates the management of your products. An approach puts you back in control and saves you time & frustration. Our partnership with DEAR Inventory means we deliver smarter ways of working​ and a more profitable Health & Beauty business for you.

Batch Tracking

Automatically track entire product batches through the entire distribution process by applying batch tracking numbers.

Bill of Materials and Production

Get an accurate view of your Bill of Materials for your entire inventory and subassemblies to keep control of your overheads.

Third Party Manufacturing

Keep visibility and control of any contract manufacturing arrangements to retain complete control of your inventory management.

Units of Measure

Quickly and accurately calculate your stock levels, regardless of the different Units of Measure used throughout production.

Multi Currency

Buying raw materials in different currencies can create confusion, automated multi-currency support keeps you on track.

eCommerce Integrations

Seamless integration with the likes of Shopify, ebay, Amazon and SquareSpace makes your life easier.

Waypoint have restored my faith in IT professionals. Can’t imagine a better company to work with and entrust my IT needs to The whole team can see the huge difference that these systems have made in our work. The customer service has been second to none with Waypoint going out of their way numerous times to assist us in any way that they could. I couldn’t recommend Waypoint any higher - it was the best investment we made towards the growth of our business.
Dina Listmangof

Owner HappyGreen Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Let Us Help You Grow

We’ve worked with a number of Health & Beauty manufacturers over the years and we know how important inventory management is to you. Losing control of your inventory can inevitably mean you lose control of your business. Our job to help you navigate the path to a better way of working for you and your partners.