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Inventory for Manufacturers

You’re great at what you do? The products you manufacture are of the highest quality. How’d you like to create more capacity in your operation? We help manufacturing businesses develop smarter, more profitable ways of working.
Every manufacturing operation is different, but we know that there are some common problems you share. Whether you’re manufacturing complex or simple products we think that some of these might sound familiar.

  • “Why have we run out of that component?”
  • “What’s holding up the production line?”
  • “Why have our manufacturing costs risen so much?”
  • “How much inventory have we lost this quarter?”
  • “Our Bill of Materials isn’t accurate. “

Core Challenges


Bill of Materials Visibility

Even the most simple manufacturing business can lose control of their bill of materials. Add any level of complexity and bill of material management can become a nightmare. Losing focus of raw material, labour and overhead costs adds unnecessary risk to any manufacturing operation.

Forecasting Resources

The success or failure of new manufacturing projects relies on your ability to manufacture profitably. That starts by accurately predicting your production materials – do you have enough to make what you need? It’s easier said than done, but without it you run the risk of producing great products at a loss.

Wasting Time and Money

Creating an efficient manufacturing process maintains margins and protects profitability. Managing and tracking lost, stolen, and damaged inventory, for many manufacturers, is still a manual process. It takes time, is often inefficient, and it cuts into your margins. The result? Lots of small issues create big problems.

Real Problems. Real Solutions.

We believe there’s a smarter way to manage your manufacturing business. An approach that’s about taking back control of your inventory. An approach that helps you increase production capacity and improve your profitability. Through our partnership with DEAR Inventory, we’ll help you deliver smarter ways of working and a more efficient manufacturing business.

Serial and Batch Numbers

Use unique reference numbers to track stock from purchase, through production, and sales, including recalls and expiry dates if required.

Component Availability Tracking

Quickly and easily see your stock on hand ‘state of play’ before producing goods, saving valuable time in the Production process.

Proactive Reordering Logic

Set minimum order levels and lead times to improve margins by using ‘Just In Time’ ordering to keep warehouse stock as efficient as possible.

Multi Currency and Landed Costs

DEAR’s native multi currency exchange and landed cost allocations means a true profit margin on all sales, every time.

Auto Assembly and Dis-Assembly

Remove bottlenecks when selling ‘quick production’ products such as a bag of goods, avoiding unnecessary processes.

Dynamic Reporting

Report on what you want, when you want to – including the ability to customise and schedule reporting for proactive analysis.

THESE GUYS ARE SYSTEMS GURUS! Communication was phenomenal; whether via video chat, email or face to face training, all interactions were fun, educational & considerate of our time & priorities.
Frankie Alex-Crooks

Manager Mark Douglass Design Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Let Us Help You Grow

We’ve learned a lot from working with manufacturing businesses over the years. We know how hard it can be to continually deliver consistent production levels. Our job is to help you develop smarter inventory processes driven by the right inventory management platform.