January 2018 – DEAR Notification Centre Release


Earlier this week DEAR Inventory announced and released a range of updates, one of which we want to spotlight today. You may have noticed over the past few months the appearance of a notification icon “🔔” in the top right hand side of your DEAR Interface, now with the release of Notification Centre you may find you are going to be looking towards it more often.

The Notification Centre enables businesses to set up custom alerts & emails based on the changing status of their DEAR system. Now businesses will be able to automatically send emails to their warehouse team when orders are ready to pick, or simply and automatically email  customers when their orders ship. With a great amount of freedom and flexibility we envision this functionality will become key to many of our client’s DEAR workflows. There’s a quick video below and some more detailed guide points underneath:



Notifications are currently available for four distinct areas of work:

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Stock
  • B2B Portal

For each type of document within these areas you can customise who they are sent to, what they contain and how they are delivered:


These alerts are sent straight to all users and displayed within DEAR’s Notification centre, represented by the bell icon in the top right hand corner of the interface. At this current stage you can only send Internal notifications to all staff with more customisation coming in the future.


Email notifications are heavily customisable and enable you to use a large set of parameters to modify who the emails are sent to and how they appear. Email notifications can be used for both client and internal alerts.


For the more advanced users, DEAR has created an external alert for some notifications that once triggers will send information directly to a URL

Why we are excited

DEAR has always been fantastic at showing accountability for who, when and what someone has done in the system. Now with notifications DEAR can help in providing the paperless handover between departments and staff members and also provide a way to keep your key staff and clients in the loop as much as each individual business requires.

Though we eagerly awaiting more statuses and document types to support notifications, we are incredibly impressed with the scope of the release and the potential this opens up for our clients now and in the future.

What to be wary of

Now, with any new software release there are some things to be aware of before jumping head first in and changing all your business processes. From our recent testings these are a few things we want to draw your attention:

  • Fully featured Email editor, however formatting doesn’t work with some Merge Fields for now.
  • ‘Link to Document’ functions in emails are limited depending on what document type you are alerting from.
  • Notification can be triggered multiple times for the same document. For example: If you have a notification email set to alert your customer that their order is shipped, it will fire twice if you undo the shipping stage to correct an error.
  • Internal Notifications don’t act as direct links to the document in question.
  • No Notifications for Minimum Reorder Points.
  • No Notifications for Production Documents.