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Lancaster Consulting – Client Story

Lancaster Consulting Australia is an independent organisation that provides a broad range of support services for people with complex emotional needs.
While the support they provide is tailored to the individual, everything they do is centred around the Positive Behaviour Support Framework. Through this framework Lancaster Consulting want to fulfill their mission of ‘enhancing quality of life for all’.

What Was the Problem

That’s a lofty ambition and one that requires continual focus on the individuals they support. That’s a challenge for any organisation, even more so, if, as in Lancaster Consultings case, you’re built around a remote working model.

Lancaster Consulting Business Director Adam Lyons knows that remote working has played a massive part in their success. He also knows it’s made it difficult to have oversight of all projects, as well as the profitability of the organisation.

The Solution

We worked with Adam and his team to understand the current process for managing projects. This involved a mix of spreadsheets and paper based documentation. Once we got to grips with the current way of working we were able to develop a new process that would give Adam the visibility needed to manage the day-to-day operations and plan for the future.

We turned to Accelo, our Service Operations software of choice. We mapped the new process into the system and worked closely with the team to help them get the most from it. That meant delivering training sessions with the team not just to get used to the new technology, but to also bed in the new process.

To make the most of the collaborative opportunities open to the team, we also migrated them to Google’s GSuite product. Now the team can work simultaneously on key documents which helps manage version control for documents and ultimately avoids confusion.

The Result

Adam and the team now have the ability to get instant, real-time status reports on current projects. This reporting includes communication history between consultants and clients. This means if a consultant leaves the organisation or is off ill, that other consultants have the knowledge they need to support the client. This continuity of services wasn’t possible before and supports the organisations desire to continue working on a remote basis.

Despite working remotely the organisation now feels far more united thanks to the systems we’ve put in place. Working in isolation without feeling isolated will allow the Lancaster Consulting consultants to enjoy the benefits of being part of a team. And the efficiency that comes as a result will enable them to support more individuals with complex needs, which unquestionably is a good thing.

No sense in going it alone when these guys have seen it and done it. Highly recommend!
Rhett Molitor

Co-Founder Basis 365 Accounting Orange, California, USA

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