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Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps

freeimage-2979915-webMicrosoft has made huge strides recently by moving their immensely popular Office suite into the cloud with the launch of Microsoft Office 365.

So this represents a great time to revisit the features and benefits of Google Apps, which provides a highly viable alternative for small businesses by alleviating the large costs and overheads necessary to manage a full Microsoft Exchange operation.

I’ve spoken a lot in previous posts about cloud software presenting as a big opportunity for small businesses to streamline most (if not all) of their everyday operations.

But it can also present implementation challenges.

Moving from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps is however one of the seamless transitions that can be made within your business, given that almost every user knows the basics of email, contact management and calendar use.

In addition to this, Google and its partners provide a wealth of training resources to assist everybody from the most basic users to the advanced.

Areas of concern when implementing Google Apps emanate from changes in terminology and slightly different workflows.

But to their credit, Google has released a ‘Life After Microsoft’ series of help files that will assist in breaking down the barriers.

I have listed some of the key areas of difference below, as well as links to the full files.

Google Mail

  • Use labels instead of folders
  • Star messages instead of flagging them
  • Archive messages to remove clutter
  • Use shared mailboxes and groups to handle incoming email
  • Use Google Chat for short internal messaging
  • And many more…

Google Calendar

  • Meetings or Appointments are now called Events
    • Add video call links or attachments directly to events, or use Google Drive
    • Different Calendars get overlayed rather than viewed side by side
    • Use resources to manage meeting rooms, projectors etc
    • And many more…

Hopefully this post has demonstrated some of the opportunities for using Google Apps for Business.

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