Monday Tips and Tricks – GeoOP


Welcome back to Monday’s Tips and Tricks for small business!

Today we’re taking a good look at job management software GeoOP. GeoOP is a cloud-based software tool for small business, allowing users to manage their jobs, communicate with staff and maximise their cash flow in one simple app. GeoOP has become a critical productivity tool for a whole gamut of businesses, from electricians, plumbers and gardeners, to medical organisations and mobile IT repairers.

If you’re already a fan of GeoOP or considering using it to boost your business processes, read on for some helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of this efficient job management software tool.

Get your entire team mobile with GeoOP

GeoOP provides instant access to jobs for those in the field, and with a built in GPS, it gives your office admin department a simple way to locate staff for the most efficient job management. So it’s important that everybody in your business is using the GeoOP mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android. It’s easy to learn, and worth the time training your staff for the huge productivity benefits it can offer.

Take advantage of the ‘Nearest Jobs’ feature

On a similar line, educate your field staff on the job features in GeoOP. Practically speaking, the ‘Nearest Jobs’ list will sync with your location to retrieve your pending jobs by area. This comes in handy to fit in a couple of appointments before heading back to the office, or when a job is cancelled and you can schedule in another before calling it a day.

My clients have experienced substantial efficiency gains using this handy GeoOP feature.

The ‘Purchase Orders’ feature will save you time

GeoOP’s ‘Purchase Orders’ feature allows you to distribute costs accurately across the business, a key part of calculating your job profitability. There are a few things to set up in the system to ensure that everything will work as expected, and this seems to put some people off. But rest assured, it’s worth the effort.

Read Jeri Murphy’s Learn GeoOp: Create a purchase order, a great guide to the process required. Take my word for it, ‘Purchase Orders’ will save you time!

Integrate your systems between cloud-based applications

GeoOP (as with all software I mention on this blog) is cloud based, and therefore links seamlessly to other cloud software. Many businesses use GeoOP with accounting software Xero, and other companies such as retail stores and mobile technicians use Vend.

Ensure that you completely link your systems before using them day to day in your business, or you may experience data problems such as double-ups and missing information. You can import/export and link your customers, suppliers and items between Xero and GeoOp, which is critical to ensure the changes in one system will always be reflected in the other.


There are so many GeoOP functions that can be used to your advantage to streamline every area of your business. Contact me at dan@wearewaypoint.com.au to discuss what GeoOP can do for your business. And pop back next Monday for the final in this series of Monday Tips and Tricks on another time saving, cloud based software tool WorkflowMax.