Monday Tips & Tricks – WorkflowMax

invoices screenWelcome to the final instalment of Monday Tips & Tricks!

So this week, let’s focus on WorkflowMax.

This job management software is ideal for creatives and professionals, allowing them to handle time billing, job management, quoting and more in the cloud.

WorkflowMax also links to cloud accounting software Xero in order to streamline the flow of information through the business.

Let’s take a closer look.

Custom Fields

Like most workflow systems, a Custom Field within WorkflowMax is an area used to capture data. For example, when you enter a new customer, you will see a field for Name, Address, Phone Number and other such details.

The Custom Fields function is particularly handy for specific business workflows or processes that are not captured in the system by default.

Custom Fields can appear a little daunting at first, because the scope of use is extensive. But when you master the key functions, you’ll appreciate the efficiency it allows when storing and reporting on any piece of data you would like to capture against Clients, Contacts, Suppliers, Leads, Jobs, and Timesheets.

To be precise, if you would like to record the hair colour of every customer, you can create a custom field for just that, and record the relevant information for each entry (ie brown, black, blonde etc.).

Other ways Custom Fields comes in handy:

  • Recording a Client’s industry
  • Storing the favourite sporting team of each contact
  • Knowing the Client has more than a certain amount of employees

Tasks and Templates

Tasks are used within WorkflowMax to record activities that require completion within a particular job or project. You can set these up when you create the job, or add them later as the information becomes available.

Staff can also enter their time sheet information against each task, allowing you to capture revenue earned and lost against a particular area of the job.

In addition, it’s possible to set up templates in WorkflowMax to produce a simple method to bulk add the tasks required for a new job, rather than create each one individually.


Job Folders allow the user to split jobs into smaller parts to maintain visibility over a sub-section or variations of a job.

As an example, let’s assume you need to complete a new logo, business card and brochure for a project. Each activity can be set up as a different job and manage them individually, or included under the same job using Folders to group the relevant parts.

The WorkflowMax shortcuts, quick tips and tricks I’ve listed here are some of the easiest to implement, and have the most immediate gain. But there are many other functions of the system that can be used to your advantage to streamline every area of your business.

Would you like to learn more about WorkflowMax?

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