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Waypoint 2015 Goals – a QTR1 Update

dilbertAt the start of 2015, I shared our goals for the company here – https://www.wearewaypoint.com/2015-goals-2014-celebration/ – and as we’re coming up on the end of the first quarter, thought it was worth a recap and reset.

Thanks also to a huge amount of people who commented to us on the original article and were pleased with the open nature of it, and who have also been able to help us get closer to some of the goals.



  • Set up a training video library for our retainer and support clients – We now provide all project clients with access to a specific library of videos based on their software, containing all the popular workflows and queries answered by ourselves. This is being added to every week.
  • Grow Waypoint website to 600 individual visits, and 1,000 views per month (approx. increase of 40%). We have just ticked over this milestone with 606 visitors to the site in the past 28 days. This has also been noticeable internally for us with an increase in enquiries and leads.
  • [Dan] Get married in February 2015. – Tick. 26th February. Done!
  • [Garry] Get involved with RMIT Business Design Class as an alumnus. Returned in February 2015 for a review seminar with current students on graduate employment.

Well Underway

  • Get a PR article into AFP, CRN, The Age or similar. We’ve been featured in Digital First being interviewed for a series on dashboards and business intelligence, which will hopefully lead to further opportunities in this space.
  • Recruit a third permanent person (in addition to the current two people and three external staff) for Waypoint in Melbourne). Recruitment adverts are being written and checked at the moment so keep an eye out for this information in April or May if you want to work with us!
  • Publish 4 blog posts per month (both on business and personal themes) for 2015. This has happened to date, and will continue through 2015.
  • Recruit a UK based contractor and develop channels in the UK. We have a UK company set up that will be trading from the start of financial year (early April over there) and will be looking to actively develop channels in the next quarter. UK Accountants – get in touch!


Thanks to everyone who has helped to date, and if we can help you achieve any of your business goals for 2015, or you want to talk further about ours, just contact us for a coffee and a chat!