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Waypoint scales out with new recruit Jayne Moberley

01616adAs organisations in every industry continue to embrace the agility, security and performance offered by cloud technologies, Melbourne’s leading cloud integrator welcomes Jayne Moberley to Waypoint.

Moberley brings significant experience in project environments in the health, government and ICT industries to the Waypoint skill set.

After cutting her teeth in IT support, Moberley moved on to fibre optic implementation, and then to project consulting.

“I was drawn to Waypoint because they deliver innovative business solutions,” explains Moberley, “whilst being an excellent example operationally of the solutions they deliver.”

With Moberley and new recruit Luke Kennedy on board, Managing Director Dan Fairbairn plans to scale out the company’s offerings.

“Having someone with Jayne’s project experience is a great coup for us, and further reinforcement of our working culture and values,” says Fairbairn.

“We believe our clients will instantly see the scale Waypoint is now providing, and some incredible new developments in the market.”

The new recruit looks forward to tackling a variety of projects and learning new technology, whilst immersing herself in a workplace culture that supports a flexible work/life balance.

In her spare time, Moberley enjoys photography and watching movies, and appreciates good food and wine. “I’m also currently learning about data analysis and machine learning.. just for fun,” she adds.

Connect with Moberley on Twitter @JayM0.