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How We Do It

Wearing your shoes. That’s the simplest explanation of the way we work.

The Way We Work

Wearing your shoes. That’s the simplest explanation of the way we work. Our background means we’ve experienced many of the problems you’re facing. We’ve either worked on them for our own business or we’ve tackled similar challenges with our clients. It’s rare that we enter entirely unchartered waters, but when we do, we make it our business to know your business.

We’ll learn about your business and your industry. We’ll ask you an insane amount of questions and crucially, we’ll listen to the answers. Once we’ve got the knowledge we need, then we can identify ways to improve your process. In our experience no matter how good the technology, a project will fail if the underlying process work is skipped over.

Once we’ve pinned down the process our job is to find your perfect technology partner. That might be a standalone piece of software or it might be an add-on for Xero. Either way, it’s about selecting the technology that best supports your processes.

Our process

At Waypoint, we’re all about process, it’s something of a healthy obsession. It’s not surprising then that we spend a lot of time managing and reviewing how we work. This is the process we’ve developed for establishing whether we can help a potential client.

Our Client Stories

The latest stories, news and helpful updates from the team at Waypoint.
Problems in Accounting Practice Management

Problems in Accounting Practice Management

The changing challenges of Accounting The accountancy landscape has changed considerably over the last fifteen years. People of a certain vintage will have experienced each and every change along the way. Such is the pace of change, that even relative newcomers to the...

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Archie Rose – Client Story

Archie Rose – Client Story

The Archie Rose Distilling Co has developed a big reputation for a small, independent distillery. It’s not easy going up against the might of the distilling giants, but the drinking public has shown, that despite economic uncertainty, they will pay for quality and something a little bit different. And that’s precisely what Archie Rose produces from their Sydney base – quality Gin, Whisky and Vodka.

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