Roll Back Plan


The purpose of this plan is to detail if, when and how we will revert to [Client Name] old system if the implementation and go live fails. The plan will be implemented if certain milestones are not met.
Should this be the case, we will revert back to [Client Name] old system of [system name]


The key milestones are listed below:

Risk Mitigation

Through this process there are risks associated however we will always attempt to mitigate these as much as possible. Specific measures are noted below:

Roll Back Triggers and Activities

At each point there may be different activities to roll back, and different triggers for making this decision..


We will use the Waypoint Project Team to carry out the Go Live, and if required, the roll back. In order to support this, Waypoint will make extra resources available as possible over the first few days of go day. A planned meeting will be booked for XXX time between Waypoint and [Client Name] in line with the Handover milestone.


Primary communication will be between the primary project contacts for Waypoint, ( Name ) and [Client Name] , ( Name ) directly, however should the need arise then Waypoint may involve DEAR Inventory Support, and [Client Name] may have to call on additional resources. This has been noted to both parties.

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