System Access and Changes – Production

Building & Developing Your System to Requirements

As discussed previously, we are now at the point (or will be very soon) where we need to start building and developing your system to requirements. This involves taking information which you have provided in sheets or similar to us and importing them into the system, plus also setting up all of the nuts and bolts behind the scenes which will make everything come together ready for training.
As part of this, we need to now take the lead on system access and changes to anything within the scope and realm of our project. Accordingly, we ask from this point that you do not make any amendments in any way to either the system we are producing, or any locked Google Sheets or data you have provided to us.

Things Happen in Business

Of course, we understand that things happen in business, therefore if you do spot something that you need to bring to our attention please either:

Contact us (Google Comment, Slack, Email in order of preference) to ask us whether it’s safe to do us OR
Note this internally to bring to our attention at your next project catch up. This is preferred if the query is more ‘I wonder how, or I wonder if…’ rather than something categorically incorrect

Things to Note

By approving this document sign off in Accelo, the following should be noted:
You may have any current system access reduced or removed, if you have been provided it already
We will start production and you may lose any/all test data currently in your trial system
If you change anything within the data provided, or trial system, then this will likely cause budget changes, project overrun, and other delays
You may start to get notifications or emails from the system as the master user, for things such as imports and other checks. We will contact you if we need any action from these, otherwise you can simply archive them.
You will be required to subscribe to the software if you haven’t already, so that we don’t risk delays from anything such as a trial expiring or similar
If you haven’t already had them, you will receive other sign offs through our system for the key data we are loading, in order for you to check and confirm we have understood everything correctly.

For Queries or Specific Concerns

If you have any queries or specific concerns regarding the above, please let us know. We will halt any production work until the above is signed off, and then commence as soon as received.

Telephone support:

8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday, AEST (exc. Victorian (Australia) public holidays)

Email support:

Monitored 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday, AEST (exc. Victorian (Australia) public holidays)

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