Testing, Support & Handover Planning – Inventory

Stage Explanations & Expectations

At this point we are coming to the end of the Build, Configuration and Training phase of your project and you will soon be live within your new system. The next f ew weeks will be structured to ensure that you are ready to get the most out of it. The following sections will explain in detail what will be r equired by yourself and what you can expect from Waypoint.

Where something is bolded, please tak e special notice of this as this is a ‘make or break’ point in our process and failure to perform or undertake this will delay your, and our, work. Although we hate ‘bolding’ to draw attention to things, if you have any queries with this, just shout!

Testing & Preparation for Initial Support

Testing Session with Waypoint [COMPLETED]

Your session ran through the basics of testing y our system prior to initial support.

During this session we have run through Sales/Purchases/Invoicing using your company data to ensure you are across the main areas of testing.

Client Testing

You will now be required to take a minimum of ten working da ys to run tests within your trial system, using your own data. Waypoint will be on hand to answer any queries you may have during this time. This is the single most important area pre-go live. Every client that has tested well, has gone live well. Almost every client who fails to test the system, struggles!

Data Sign Off

All of your Product, Supplier and Customer data will be sent t o you in its final iteration. It will be imperative that you review prior to sign off as this is the data that will be uploaded into your Live system. In addition to this, you must sign off the testing document to approve that you are happy and have checked day to day workflows in the system. This must occur at least 3 working days prior to your go live date. From this point on (3 working days before initial support) we will resource everything ready for your project, therefore any change to the date after this point will result in additional charges to cover our extra work.

Implementation Go Live

System Wipe

At the end of your testing phase Waypoint will wipe your system clean of all test data ready for you to start fresh at initial support. Please allow up to a full working day for this to take place.

Stock Take

Your final stocktake numbers will be required prior to handing over the system to you. This information will form your starting stock figures as you transition into the system. This will be sent to you as a sign off within the hando ver document. You can not use the system until this is approved, as after this point we can’t ‘roll back’ to make changes.

Initial Support Period

Two Weeks inclusive support to ensure you are comfortable within the system.

As of your initial support date you will be entitled to two weeks inclusive support from our tech experts.

All support queries should be directed to help@wearewaypoint.comwhere we will be happy to assist you. areas of testing.


Our Support SLA’s are outlined as follows:

  • 8 hours for issues classified as High priority. (During business hours. Business Critical and no work ar ound available)
  • Within 48 hours for issues classified as Medium priority. (Business Impacted however can operate with workaround)
  • Within 5 working days for issues classified as Low priority. (Request or similar, no impact on business)

With all of the above noted, during these two weeks – we completely understand the pressure on your organisation therefore we will ensure as much resource as possible is put to any queries.

We are proud that almost all queries fr om clients in this period ar e resolved, or at least investigated within minutes, rather than days.

Finally, please note that if a quer y, change or similar is requested which was never researched in testing, this will limit our ability to assist as the system is now live.

Data Sovereignty

At the end of your initial support period all data will be handed over fully to you via Sign Off. Any changes to data or process made past this point will be entirely external to the works provided by Waypoint.

Project Aftercare

Ongoing Support Options

If you have already agreed to ongoing membership with Waypoint this will commence at the end of your initial two week support period. As above, all support queries can be sent t o help@wearewaypoint.comand will fall under standar d SLA’s (see above)

Quarterly Updates from Waypoint

If you choose not to engage Waypoint in an ongoing capacity we will ensure that we keep in touch regularly through our newsletter and update notifications to make sure you are getting the most out of your system and assist you where required.

Handover and Initial Support – Pre Flight Checklist

Want to Know More?

We’ve tried to keep our process as simple as possible, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have some questions. You can arrange a call with one of the team by visiting
Or, you can throw us a question at us any time by emailing enquiries@wearewaypoint.com