Workshop Guide


Workshop sessions are the absolute priority before we begin work on the actual project implementation. They will be used to discuss your workflow requirements, and how they may translate into the system we are to implement. We will demonstrate appropriate workflows in the software during these sessions and seek any initial feedback or thoughts. If workshopping uncovers any areas of work that are not known at this point, or if a workshop will require more time than has been allocated, your workshopping schedule and fees may need adjustment. Adjustments (billed as hourly time + materials) will need your approval before we begin. Accordingly, this could also impact the estimated project fees. Each session will run for approximately 1.5 – 2 hours

From this meeting we will produce a full Statement of Work document for your project detailing out the stages and time frames that we will be working to.


Each session will be required to determine the project scope of works, inclusions and pricing. Until these sessions have been completed, all project terms discussed are considered indicative only. Each Workshop Session will be an in-depth exploration of the functions and requirements your company, as they relate to the Workshop topic.


For larger implementations, we may need to run further specific workshops on topics unique to your business.

To confirm which specific workshops are included, please see your proposal from us.


Regardless of session specific content, the rough timeline and involvement below remains:
Waypoint: Introduction by Waypoint about the topic

Waypoint and Client: Questions led by Waypoint to
extract information

Client: Demonstration of current process (as is) including screen share and access to software
Waypoint: Demonstration of proposed system, in particular examples of future process (to be)
Waypoint and Client: Final Questions/ Wrap Up

What Should I Expect During in the Sessions?

We will ask a lot of questions – That’s how we do what we do, and determine if we can deliver what you need
We will actively listen, notate and diagram current problems causing workflow blocks
We will direct you to the information we deem necessary for comprehensive evaluation of the proposed system
We will check process compatibility with system features
We will request remote control of your systems via screen-sharing
We will assign to-do items as required if further information is required
We will ask for third party contact details, such as:
  • Web Developer
  • Accountant/Bookkeepers
  • Outsourced Parties (Warehouse etc.)
  • What Should I NOT Expect During in the Sessions?

    Build systems on the fly

    Create trials for systems being implemented (this comes as soon as we finish the workshops)
    Ask for any master data required for implementation
    Quote specific timelines and budgets ( note: our workshop and project process, and budget estimate are both in your workshop proposal)


    Whether we’re working with clients, partners or within our own team there are key values we live and operate by day-to-day within the business:

    We listen and respect what we hear

    We challenge opinions in a positive way

    We’re occasionally blunt

    Weʼre good, honest, direct people

    We take the trust of our clients seriously

    We donʼt take ourselves too seriously