simPRO Quick Tips and Tricks

simPRO_Software_RGBOver the course of implementing simPRO in many businesses across Australia, I’ve noticed that my clients are always surprised at the many ways this system can save them time. There are so many shortcuts and quick tips and tricks that can make your business more efficient.. it’s just a matter of knowing they exist!

So, I’ve taken the time to put together some of my favourite simPRO features and ‘hacks’ in order to make your business run better. Feel free to contact a consultant from the menu options above for a more detailed overview.

Keyboard Shortcuts

So many people don’t realise keyboard shortcuts exist in simPRO! With simPRO keyboard shortcuts you can jump from any area of the system to some of the most commonly used functions.

Let’s say you’re in the middle of the scheduler and a customer phones up to book a job.

No worries!

Hit Alt+J on the keyboard and jump to ‘Create a New Job’. This is only one example; there are many more available here.

Modify Table View

Almost EVERY area of simPRO that has a table can be customised. For example, search lists for Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Stock, Catalogue, Quotes and Jobs.

Whilst simPRO comes with a default table layout that automatically shows the most popular columns, you can edit these to suit your business needs.

For example, if you’re searching in your ‘Progress Jobs’, add a column for ‘Customer Phone Number’ to make it easier to follow up customers.

In order to modify these, go to any view with a table, click ‘Modify Table View’ on the right hand side near the search bar, then tick the columns you want and use the icons to re-arrange them.


Map Job

Job Lists in simPRO such as ‘Pending Jobs’, ‘Completed Jobs’ and ‘Invoiced Jobs’ help to keep you organised. The good news is there are ways to make them even more useful for service businesses.

If you open the menu for ‘Pending Jobs’, drop all the way to the bottom and click the tick box to ‘Select All’, then click ‘Map Jobs’.

Hey presto!

Now you have a Google Map showing every pending job for your company. This is very handy for those 2pm calls when you have a technician on the way back to the office with time to spare.

Excel Import

This huge simPRO timesaver is a little more technical and may require assistance for the average user. But you’ll never look back!

From the ‘Utilities > Import’ menu option, you can import lists from Excel straight into simPRO, including Jobs, Sites, Customers and even Catalogues.

I see so many businesses using Excel lists from their stakeholders that they then enter manually into the system. If you have a list of sites for a client, or a list of jobs from a service client you work with regularly, learn how to import them into the system from Excel.

You’ll save yourself so much time!

Task Templates

‘Tasks’ are used in simPRO as the system’s ‘Post-It Note’ replacement, for sending messages around the office about customers or jobs. They can be used to prompt another employee to call a customer, follow up a quote or complete a task.  But there is also a more advanced level to Tasks.

With Task Templates, a company can set up many tasks which make up a template to be assigned at once. For example, when you win a quote, you may wish to send:

  1. your Finance Manager a task to complete a credit check
  2. your Estimator a task to follow up the customer for appointment details
  3. your Accounts Manager a task to raise a deposit invoice.

With Task Templates, all three of these can be created, assigned and fired off to the relevant people with two clicks from the ‘Job’!

The simPRO shortcuts and quick tips and tricks I’ve listed here are some of the easiest to implement, and have the most immediate gain. But there are many other functions of the system that can be used to your advantage to streamline every area of your business.

For more simPRO information and insight, contact our consultants at Waypoint.