Accelo is the most feature rich and powerful Service Operations platform on the market today. It offers professional services organisations a flexible platform to manage their projects, sales, CRM and servicing activities.

At Waypoint we’re proud to be Accelo’s territory partner for Australia, and most experienced implementer worldwide.

Accelo is the most feature rich and powerful Service Operations platform on the market today. It offers professional services organisations a flexible platform to manage their projects, sales, CRM and servicing activities. In really simple terms what Accelo does exceptionally well is to help you track your important client work in one system.

Keeping the client front and centre at all times is only possible if the team knows what’s it doing. Accelo helps makes the best use of everyone’s time thanks to built in timesheets which shows who’s working on what. And, the integrated ticketing module makes sure new issues are logged, assigned and tracked properly.

Having the visibility to see what’s going on with your clients in one place is a gamechanger.

Accelo Key Features

Team Productivity

Accelo makes it easy to track the activity of your team. Who’s working on what, what’s the status of the project? And, it allows you to see who the most productivity members of your team are.

Project Profitability

Accelo makes sure your on top of your project costs. It’s all too easy to lose control and track of the profitability of your projects. Real-time alerts and reporting makes sure you have the visibility you need.

Automated Invoicing

Accelo can turn project proposals and quotes into invoices at a click of a button, thanks to its integration with Xero and Quickbooks. Simplifying the invoicing process can help you get faster.

Other Features of Accelo

The above are three of the key features that our clients tell us they love, but there is far more to Accelo. Below are some the other areas that really make Accelo stand out to us.


CRM & Client Database

The shared client database gives you a synchronized and intelligent platform to see client work in real time.

Team Scheduling

Decide when to begin new projects based on your team’s future workload projections and who can help when scope changes.

Timesheet Report

Get clarity on your team’s effectiveness and have an overview of the work that was performed.

Email Tracking

Two-way, native sync with Google Apps, Office365, and Exchange.


Ticket tracking with automated timers and capture on emails.

Invoicing & Payments

Bi-directional accounting sync with Xero, Quickbooks and Sassu.


Run your sales process, track opportunities and send quotes for projects.


Full project management with Gantt chart planning, as well as real-time budget tracking and collaboration


Easily manage ongoing projects or service contracts for your clients with auto billing and notfications
Waypoint have restored my faith in IT professionals. After openly, honestly and thoroughly assessing the business they objectively proposed the most suitable systems which we now love using. The whole team can see the huge difference that these systems have made in our work.

The customer service has been second to none with Waypoint going out of their way numerous times to assist us in any way that they could. Can’t imagine a better company to work with and entrust my IT needs to. Dina Listmangof

Managing Director, Happygreen Foods

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Why Waypoint loves Accelo

We’ve been managing CRM, sales and professional service projects for a lot of years. Typically though this has involved managing multiple software solutions for each of the areas. The one-stop-shop approach to service operations is something we really appreciate. It really sets Accelo apart.

We’re big fans of the modular model that Accelo has put in place. This means our clients don’t end up paying for things they don’t need. And, we’re a pretty good case study for Accelo ourselves, as we use it to manager our own service operations. As a remote team, it’s the ideal platform to helps us keep on track of our clients and our team.

Waypoint is a valued Accelo partner; their entire team is diligent, professional and efficient in delivering value to our end customers through successful implementations and project deliveries. We highly recommend the work and services provided by the Waypoint team.

Geoff McQueen
Founder and CEO, Accelo