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DEAR Systems

Inventory Management As It Should Be
DEAR Inventory is a powerful and flexible inventory management system that gives retailers, manufacturers and warehouse operators control over their raw materials and products. They’ve grown a reputation over the last three years based on a principle of constant improvement. Each new version adds useful features that make the product stronger.

We work closely with the DEAR Inventory team on projects and given the strength of our relationship we’re fortunate to get early access to the development plans. This means we know exactly what’s coming in future editions of the software and, as a result, we’re best placed to advise our clients how to take advantage of the new enhancements.

A real strength of DEAR Inventory is its ability to integrate with a whole host of systems including Xero, Shopify, eBay and Amazon.

DEAR Inventory Key Features


DEAR effortlessly manages large product volumes making it a genuine warehouse level product management solution. We particularly like the ability to automatically generate SKUs.

Product Data

DEAR reduces the amount of tiresome product data entry required by supporting automatic product data generation. It does this by pulling data from your existing ecommerce channels.

Automated Stocktaking

DEAR puts an end to stock taking frustration by automating the process. Manual stock counts can be permanently put to bed by scanning your stock with a barcode scanner.

These are three of the key features that our clients tell us they love, but there is far more to DEAR Inventory. Below are some the other features that really make DEAR Inventory stand out to us.

DEAR Inventory Love Stories

BLK Box – Client Story

BLK Box – Client Story

Belfast based BLK Box is an incredible business that goes from strength to strength. They sell their own brand gym equipment to the public and to gyms across the World. They also design and create complete gym facilities for gym owners that don’t want to compromise on quality. As a result of our work together, BLK Box have solved some very real operational issues.

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Archie Rose – Client Story

Archie Rose – Client Story

The Archie Rose Distilling Co has developed a big reputation for a small, independent distillery. It’s not easy going up against the might of the distilling giants, but the drinking public has shown, that despite economic uncertainty, they will pay for quality and something a little bit different. And that’s precisely what Archie Rose produces from their Sydney base – quality Gin, Whisky and Vodka.

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Sweet Beginnings – Client Story

Sweet Beginnings – Client Story

Sweet Beginnings is a social enterprise that provides employment opportunities to men and women who have recently been released from prison. As you can imagine, reintegration into society can be difficult and despite serving their time, the legacy of their crime can make employment hard to come by. Sweet Beginnings owner Bob Miller saw this and wanted to do something.

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Why Waypoint loves DEAR Inventory 

DEAR Systems & Waypoint

As a team, we’ve worked across a huge range of software tools. It’s fair to say that we’ve experienced it all – the good, the bad and yes, the ugly. What we love about DEAR Inventory is the flexibility and the ease of which it integrates to Xero as well as other key software platforms.

With nearly 100 DEAR projects under our belt, we’re also the biggest DEAR Inventory implementer in the world. What that means is that we have a unique relationship with the DEAR team and as a result, many of our recommended changes and enhancements to the platform have been implemented. We respect the fact that the DEAR team are constantly looking for ways to improve upon what is already the best in class inventory management software available today.

We’ve developed a very close working relationship with Waypoint over the last few years. They’re a smart team who understand our software almost as well as we do. We’ve worked together on some very big projects and we trust them to help their clients get the most from our platform. Alexei Piltiaev

Business Development, DEAR Inventory

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