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Integrated Project Management
WorkflowMax is a job and task management platform that helps organisations manage their projects more effectively. It’s an all-in-one platform that works well on its own but its real power lies in how well it plays with others. It integrates with a host of other cloud based systems including Xero, HubSpot and Salesforce.

WorkflowMax Key Features

Get Clients

WorkflowMax has three core features that help you grow your business. Client manager gives you a single page few of your client, Lead Manager is their CRM module and Quoting lets you produce great looking proposals.

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Save Time

WorkflowMax helps you be more efficient, save time and ultimately money, thanks to two core modules. Job Management lets you track tasks and milestones while Time Tracking helps employees create accurate timesheets.

Get Paid

WorkflowMax helps you keep on top of your invoicing, credit control and financial reporting. Getting paid is critical to every business and the Job Costing module makes sure your quotes are accurate and, above all, profitable.

Why Waypoint loves WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax & Waypoint

We’ve worked on a lot of WorkflowMax projects over the years and it’s a platform that’s consistently improved. It won’t come as a great surprise that, being part of the Xero family means it integrates seamlessly with it. That integration is really highlighted by the range of reporting options available out of the box.

The feature set is rich, as is the list of tools it integrates with which makes WorkflowMax a great choice for organisations looking for a simple way to manage their projects.

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