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Mat Grant joins the team at Waypoint

Client Services Manager Mat Grant will join the Waypoint team at their Melbourne base.

UntitledIt seems Mat and Ocius were meant to be. “It was a bit of a ‘stars aligned’ moment when I decided to leave my previous role and discovered Ocius was looking for a Client Services Manager,” Mat says.

“I’ve had a great relationship with Dan (Fairbairn – Managing Director) for some time now, and have always known Waypoint for being highly regarded in the industry.”

“What Dan and I were seeking married up perfectly, so it was a no-brainer.”

Mat explains finding himself in the IT industry by chance.

“I had finished a Bachelors Degree in Art and a post-grad in Graphic Design, and was working three jobs – a small advertising agency, a university multimedia lab, and a family-owned Apple Shop in Moonee Ponds, later renamed Beyond the Box.”

“I’d always been a bit of a computer geek, doing what every teenage boy did in the 90’s; building computers, troubleshooting and all that. Uni exposed me to Macs, and thinking about software as integrated services, and problem solving components. It just snowballed from there.”

Over time, Mat’s role at Apple progressed from Sales to Floor Manager to Account Manager to Store and Warehouse Manager. In his last position, he developed a client-facing cloud services division within the business, providing the end-to-end solution.

Mat then embraced the role of Channel Account Manager at e-commerce software provider Vend. “I got to see what it’s like on the other side of the fence – working on business development with anywhere up to 40 cloud integrators across half of Australia.”

With a new Client Services resource to the bridge the gap between Ocius and the cloud service provider’s clients, Dan is confident Waypoint’s partners will see immediate evidence of more value for their own companies.

“In getting someone with such industry experience I think it will enable us to platform well through 2016,” says Dan, Waypoint’s Managing Director. “With plans to continue, and even out-perform our historical 200% yearly growth, we’re in a great position.”

A self-confessed ‘annoying fitness and nutrition guy’ in his spare time, Mat admits that training and fitness occupies about 30% of his brain space at any given moment.

The remaining 70% looks forward to working with the Ocius team.

“There’s a particular sense of triumph one feels when they’re presented with a workflow nightmare, and they find a way of turning it into a dream for someone,” Mat explains.

“If one could ‘feel’ lollipops and rainbows that would be it, (but mine would be tacos and doughnuts).”

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