Vend Quick Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the latest instalment of Monday Morning Tips & Tricks!

Today we’re deep-diving into a couple of great Vend features to save users a ton of time. In case you haven’t heard of Vend before, let me give you a super-quick overview.

“POS (point of sale) doesn’t have to be a piece of sh**….” claims the home page of Vend, developers of the cloud-based point-of-sale solution. These guys truly live and breathe POS and are determined to put user experience and brilliant functionality at the top of the agenda.

And so far they’ve lived up to their promise. My clients are constantly surprised at the dozens of ways this system can save them time. (Feel free to contact Waypoint for a more detailed overview)

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Three features my clients talk about most are Variants, Composites and Close Register Settings – Accounting Sync. So let’s take a closer look.


Vend users who simply pick up their product list from their old POS system and ‘dump’ it into Vend will unfortunately fail to realise its full potential, as there are different workflows.

One example of this is the use of variants. Variants refers to the different ‘types’ of the same product such as colours, sizes and so on. The huge time saving here is that users can have one product selected and be prompted by Vend to nominate the size, colour etc.

Our clients consistently tell us that this feature is particularly useful for sales reporting and product ordering.


Along a similar lines to Variants are ‘composites’.

In Vend, composites are a product made up of one or more other products.

A good example of this would be a crate of beers that contains 24 bottles, or a gift pack containing several items.

Again, this feature represents significant time efficiencies for Vend users, the largest one being stocktake – which becomes so much easier.

Close Register Settings – Accounting Sync

Fine tuning your Vend ‘Close Register Settings’ can automate the way data is sync’ed with your accounting system.

By default, Vend sends all sales through to your cloud accounting package as one bill when you close the register, however you do have the option to change this to show by ‘Payment Type or precut lines.

You can also change your accounting settings to allow for different liability and sales accounts for rounding, deposits and payment methods.

The Vend shortcuts and quick tips and tricks I’ve listed here are some of the easiest to implement, and have the most immediate gain. But there are many other functions of the system that can be used to your advantage to streamline every area of your business.

Would you like more Vend information and insights? Contact Waypoint.

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