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Why remote work made my end-of-year break the most relaxing ever

My Christmas break was fantastic. I spent most days hanging with my partner, and saw ‘Rogue One – A Star Wars Story’ three times. I started a Melbourne Star Wars fan group on Facebook (The Force is way too strong in this one). I ate all kinds of ice cream, drank all kinds of beer, went up to the central coast, and got REALLY well acquainted with my sofa.

So far this could have been any year, but for one exception. When the final weekend rolled around, I felt no sense of dread at returning to work the coming Monday; no sudden sinking feeling, no twitching left eyelid in anticipation.

I felt relaxed; positively chilled out.

I should point out that I did like my old jobs, but they stressed the hell out of me. So what? Everybody feels stressed about work! Maybe so. The big difference now is that Waypoint allows me to set my own pace.

Our December 2016 was a crazy busy month, which seems a fairly universal truth for most industries. But this year I wasn’t pulling my hair out (what little remains). I had everything done when it needed to be – sometimes before 5pm on a particular day, other times in the evenings at my discretion.

Since starting with Waypoint, I’m not only entrusted to run my day the way I want, I’ve also been given tools that enable me to work how I want, from wherever I want. This has been a quantum shift in thinking for me, and research shows it’s going to be a monumental mindset change for all kinds of businesses in times to come.

In 2014, Laura Vanderkam of Fast Company asked ‘Will Half Of People Be Working Remotely By 2020?’. She went on to say:

Remote work seems to be the wave of the future. A recent survey of business leaders at the Global Leadership Summit in London found that 34% said more than half their company’s full-time workforce would be working remotely by 2020. A full 25% said more than three-quarters would not work in a traditional office by 2020.”

With such a projection, it’s no wonder a quick Google search on ‘remote working’ finds you trawling tons of articles on ‘How to keep tabs on your remote employees’ and ‘Are your employees fit for remote working?’. However, for employers, I believe this is the wrong angle to approach the concept; and is symptomatic of being trapped in a mindset of control and dictatorial management. Needing eyes on all things and people at all times.

And this is the very reason my end of year break was so relaxing. We haven’t set up a remote working business only to adhere to management principles from the 1980s. At Waypoint, we empower our people, and enable them with the best tools to work remotely.

I had the most relaxing end of year break because I knew even if I came back to 1000 emails and a ton of tasks, I have the tools to get me through it all from the couch, in slippers and underwear, while the rest of the team can see what I’m working on whenever they need to.

Want to get your people working from anywhere? At Waypoint, we set you up with the best systems and processes to run your business efficiently and productively. So, get in touch! We’ll get you down to your underwear in no time.