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Why we go to industry events

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It’s been a pretty hectic start to 2019. We’ve been working hard to complete a number of projects, lots of which are with new clients. Hooray!

One of the challenges we set ourselves in late 2018 was to get out of stealth mode. The work we’ve done in the last few years has given us a lot of confidence and introduced us to a lot of great people, but few folks know about us unless someone makes the introduction. We’re changing that, and that’s meant taking the show on the road.

In February and March, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Xero Roadshows

We’ve had a really strong relationship with Xero since day 1, and when the dates were announced for the Roadshows we knew we wanted to be involved.

We wanted to take the opportunity to shine a light on one of our key vendor partners, Accelo. They travelled over from Denver and we supported them on what was their first Xero-focused Australian visit.

Together we manned a stand at the Roadshow events in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. It was a great opportunity for them and us to introduce Accelo to Xero Partners, and get them thinking about the best practice management platform available.

QBCX Roadshow

In late 2018 we spent some time in the States where we met with Accelo and Intuit. The time spent cemented our relationship with both. Those conversations led to an invitation to speak at the ‘Get Connected Express’ Roadshow Intuit events in March

Mat’s talk, ‘Problems In Practice Management’ shared our experience of working with accountants and bookkeepers who want to better manage their operations and refine their technology stack. The talks sparked a lot of great conversations about problems the sector faces, and how we can help resolve many of them.

Why we go to events

We’re a relatively small team and these events are a big time commitment for us. So why do we do it?

Getting Out Of Stealth Mode

As we mentioned above – it’s about getting out of stealth mode. That means going to the places where our vendor partners and potential clients (and future best friends) will be.

Cementing Partnerships Relationships

We work with a very select group of vendor partners. Going to these events gives us the opportunity to work more closely with them, which of course is to the benefit of our clients. The work and feedback we provide them has a direct impact on how they serve, and sometimes develop, their product for a given industry.

Meeting new humans

We don’t like being called a ‘tech business’. We’re problem solvers above all, and creating solutions is difficult if we don’t understand the problems our clients are experiencing. Getting the chance to have real conversations helps us shape our long term strategy.

Learning from gulp ‘Thought Leaders’

We’re not huge fans of the term ‘thought leader’, but there’s no denying that a lot of smart people share their thoughts at these events. With things moving at such a rapid pace in the cloud accounting industry, these events represent an opportunity for us to keep our finger on the pulse.

They’re fun, and there’s usually beer at the end

Say the word ‘industry event’ to most people and eyes may very well be rolled. But for us, these events are a lot of fun. And, we’re not just referring to the after event drinks. Honest.

Meeting future clients

Of course, we’d be big fat liars if we didn’t admit this. Like most businesses, these events give us the opportunity to meet people who have a problem that we can solve. What might start as a brief conversation could turn into a fantastic commercial relationship.

What next?

There are loads more events on the agenda for 2019, and who knows, we might even meet you at one of them. As it stands, this is where we’re heading next.

Are there any other events that we’ve missed? Any that you’d recommend to us? Please let us know!

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