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Xero – the power you might be missing in ‘smaller’ add-ons

Whilst accounting software Xero boasts an impressive series of best-in-breed add-ons across a range of industries – such as DEAR Inventory, WorkflowMax and simPRO to name a few – many businesses miss the power of ‘smaller’ add ons for repetitive tasks.

Here are just a few of our favourite Xero add-ons that allow you to automate repetitive tasks to save time, money and boost your productivity.

Receipt Bank

“Receipt Bank extracts the key information from your bills, receipts and invoices, removing the need for manual data entry. Receipt Bank can then publish the data to yout accounting software or it can be downloaded as a spreadsheet or used to create expense reports.”

We love Receipt Bank for two reasons. Firstly, we use it at Waypoint for both expense claims and bills. Secondly, it’s a value-add we can provide clients during our bigger projects, that always wows them without fail. For us, it’s true love.

The simplicity of Receipt Bank astounds clients when they first see it in action, and it really is that simple. The work reduced by just taking a quick photo of a bill, only to see it appear in Xero with all the correct information is stunning. If you’re using Xero and not using Receipt Bank, you really are missing out on half of the benefits… and half the fun!


“A complete practice management and client experience tool. View multiple Xero organisations, the way you want to, side by side and collaborate with clients in real-time.”

Crunchboards is a reporting solution that has taken the Xero add-on marketplace by storm. It’s simple to use and provides high level reporting where Xero stops. Useful for administrators, office managers and directors, you can do everything, from simple profit and loss reporting to department costing and three way cash forecasting.


“We know that if your chasing emails are obviously automated, they are much less likely to get your invoices paid. Emails from Chaser look and feel like regular emails from you to your customer.”

Far too many small businesses are handcuffed by poor payment, and the automation of this process saves time for other more important tasks. Obviously, we don’t expect any add-on like this to take care of the truly ‘bad payers’ and ‘disputes’, but having an automatic follow up to your standard terms will ensure that those people who just mislay an invoice or forget a payment will get followed up in a reasonable time frame.

Chaser is a really strong accounts management add-on. We can always tell internally when the ‘chasers’ go out, as we see payment notifications flood through to email, saving so much time and pressure internally.

Chaser is one of our favourite recommendations to clients as a value-add.


“FORMbasic will streamline lead capture automation by sending all lead information gathered from your website directly into WorkflowMax.”

Formbasic is a great solution for managing web leads for those clients who are using WorkflowMax – which makes up a large proportion of the work we do at Waypoint.

Formbasic allows you to have contact forms on your website which send directly into WorkflowMax, saving administration time and double handling. From here, you can manage the lead, add quotes and run jobs without ever re-entering other information.

As with most of our best recommendations, the proof is in the pudding – and we use Formbasic too in order to manage our business.


“Everything you need to build strong relationships. Our integrations with Xero, WorkflowMax and MailChimp connect your business so you can share data, automate tasks, save time and increase productivity with just a few clicks.”

Exsalerate is a simple CRM for Xero – just connect and away it goes. Every contact in Xero is synced automatically so you have one centre for sales details, tasks, invoicing information and more. In addition, it works with WorkflowMax, which is one of our most popular software implementations.

Therefore, you can create projects for CRM clients instantly. In addition, their lowest pricing plan starts at a fixed price for up to the first 5 users.

Simple, easy, inexpensive – our favourite combination of features!

For tailored advice about the best Xero add-ons for your business, get in touch with us today.