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You run your business from your smart phone?!

Depositphotos_1498232_xsWhen I tell people I run my business from my phone, the common response is a smirk and a puzzled look of disbelief.

Well, it’s true! My phone is the perfect mobile access point for everything I do. And in this post, I’ll explain some of the methods at my fingertips, with some useful tips you can use for your own business.

And please note, this is not a sales pitch! I’m just keen to share the everyday practicality of what is becoming an increasingly efficient way to conduct business.

I run a cloud consulting firm, so it’s particularly easy for me to work remotely for my cloud-based business. That said, there are not many industries  who can’t leverage the huge benefits of working in the cloud –  as shown only this weekend during the Xerocons Elevate session in Sydney.

Another point to note here is that there are certain tasks that can’t be completed on my phone, and I do use a computer from the office. But by performing the bulk of them remotely, I can line myself up a nice easy range of tasks to complete on the one day each week when I sit in front of the desktop.

I had brekky with a client this morning. It was only afterwards that I realised how efficient I have become.. all thanks to my smart phone and a few clever apps such as Xero, Receipt Bank, Evernote and Google Apps for Business. All connected, of course, to the cloud!

The meeting was on me, and I paid with my debit card. I snapped a copy of the receipt with my smartphone camera, and sent it straight through Receipt Bank to storage.

By the end of the day this receipt was automatically analysed, entered into my accounting package Xero and ready to reconcile. Xero summarised my banking transactions for the day, and I matched the breakfast meeting transaction to my receipt.

Today, I visited a client for a several hours to provide support on their latest software install. I used Evernote to make some notes about my support visit, and also recorded some install information so it’s easily accessible on my next visit. When I  finished, I invoiced the client from my smart phone. And as soon as their payment hits my bank, I can reconcile it from my Xero app.

Whilst I was with the client, I needed to keep track of my incoming emails. Since I don’t have a corporate server, I can do this from any device. Problem solved!  Google Apps for Business allowed me to keep an eye on my Inbox.

There you have it.. I DO run by business from my phone! And these are just a few ways you can use cloud software to become more efficient and improve your business processes.

Email dan@wearewaypoint.com.au today to tailor a cloud software solution to your business and make apps such as Xero, Receipt Bank, Evernote and Google Apps for Business work for you.