Inventory Management

The world of inventory management can be complex and on the surface bewildering.

There are a huge array of acronyms that to the uninitiated can be intimidating.

With Waypoint on your side, we make things easy.

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Delivering Successful Inventory Projects

The world of inventory management can be complex and on the surface bewildering. There are a huge array of acronyms that to the uninitiated can be intimidating. But strip it back and it’s relatively simple. It’s about applying standard rules to your unique situation. We know the rules, because as a team, we’ve got years of experience delivering successful inventory projects.

But we’re not complacent, we know better than anyone that no two inventory management projects are ever the same. We’ve developed our own process to make sure we get to the heart of your process. When we get the clarity we need that’s when we can set about selecting the right technology partner.


Online retail customers are a demanding lot. Fail to deliver the right thing at the right time and they’ll not just vent at you, thanks to social media, they’ll share their tale of inconvenience with the World.


Managing the supply chain and tracking all raw materials is such an important aspect for any manufacturing business. Making sure you have the right materials at the right time can be the difference between success and failure. Managing and having visibility of costs from raw materials, right through to final product is the key to a profitable manufacturing operation.

Health and Beauty

The products you sell, sell well because you’re brilliant at what you do. Your clients love you and your products. How would you like to spend more developing your marketing or developing new product lines? We help Health & Beauty businesses streamline their end-to-end inventory process.

What Features Do Inventory Systems Have?

Multi-Level BOM

Run production from raw materials through to finished goods, even if several steps are involved, with accurate tracking and costing.

Stock Re-Ordering

Get automatic prompts to re-order stock based on required levels and minimum quantities.

Landed Costs

Accurately track product costs, including currency exchange and additional freight or customs charges.

eCommerce Integration

Receive orders straight from your online store, ready to manage fulfilment and invoice the customer.

Batch & Serial Management

Track stock down to each individual unit with batch numbering, serial tracking and expiry dates.

Realtime Reporting

Instantly see reporting on sales, purchases, production, inventory and more at the click of a button.

Inventory Partners


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