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Smart Technology,

Smarter Process

Helping Businesses do more with cloud software:

      • Inventory and Supply Chain solutions

      • Professional Services platforms

      • Practice Management software

We Are Waypoint

We’re a team of problem solvers that come together to create better ways of working. Ways of working that help our clients run their operations more efficiently. Whether the problem is straightforward or complex, our solutions and the way we work is very simple.

We’re a proudly remote/distributed team based in Australia and have been serving clients across the globe since 2012. We’re good at what we do.

Our job is simply to make your job more simple.



Creating smarter inventory management

Whether you’re dealing with stock re-ordering problems, in-accurate landed costs, or right through to batch and serial number management – we’ve got the experience, processes and team to turn things around. We’re good at creating smarter inventory management processes that are powered by the best technology we can find. We work with Vend, Unleashed, Cin7 and TradeGecko, but our preferred partner for the best mix of features vs pricing is DEAR Systems.

Service Operations

We solve your project, sales or service management challenges

Service Operations is an umbrella term. If you’ve got challenges with project, sales or service management, then what you’ve got is a Service Operations problem. Some of our clients have lost control of projects. For some, the driver has been an increase in customer complaints. And, for others, the real pain point has been that sickening feeling of missing out on sales opportunities. We work with Accelo, WorkflowMax and Xero.

How We Do It


We listen, we understand and then we put our feet in your shoes. We develop the right process and power it with the best possible technology. 

We get to the heart of your business. We’re naturally nosey. We’ll ask questions and then together we create a better process for you.

Creating smarter processes isn’t enough. The secret sauce is the technology that drives your inventory or professional services management. We work with a select set of software tools to manage your new processes. That combination of process and technology is central to everything we do. It’s also what gets you the results you need.

Our Stories

The latest stories, news and helpful updates from the team at Waypoint.
Problems in Accounting Practice Management

Problems in Accounting Practice Management

The changing challenges of Accounting The accountancy landscape has changed considerably over the last fifteen years. People of a certain vintage will have experienced each and every change along the way. Such is the pace of change, that even relative newcomers to the...

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Archie Rose – Client Story

Archie Rose – Client Story

The Archie Rose Distilling Co has developed a big reputation for a small, independent distillery. It’s not easy going up against the might of the distilling giants, but the drinking public has shown, that despite economic uncertainty, they will pay for quality and something a little bit different. And that’s precisely what Archie Rose produces from their Sydney base – quality Gin, Whisky and Vodka.

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Our process

At Waypoint, we’re all about process, it’s something of a healthy obsession. It’s not surprising then that we spend a lot of time managing and reviewing how we work. This is the process we’ve developed for establishing whether we can help a potential client.