Who we are

Meet the people behind the work

The Waypoint Way

We help businesses run more efficiently. We bring new processes and technology together to create a better way of working.

We can only do this by getting to know our clients business on a deep level. That means asking lots of questions. That means listening. That means understanding how they work. And, ultimately, that means caring for their business as if it was our own.

Inefficiency limits growth and creates frustration.
It shouldn’t be that way.

Waypoint exists to change that.

The Team Works

The work we do and the results we get are only possible with a team that has the right combination of talent, skills and attitude. We’re lucky that our magnificent eight have them in abundance. The other thing that unites us is the simple fact that we care about the results we get for our clients.

Individually they’re awesome, but together we’re definitely stronger. A bit like the Avengers.

We’ve developed a way of working at Waypoint that is flexible, fun and something else that begins with ‘f’. Our working week is shorter than the national average and the team all works remotely. But that’s not a compromise. Together we’ve developed smart processes enabled by technology to manage everything that we do.

Meet the team

Dan Fairbairn

Dan Fairbairn

I’m the proud father of Waypoint, a business made possible by the faces you see on this page.
Mat Grant

Mat Grant

I head up our business development team and make sure our clients feel the love throughout the project.
Neil Barrington

Neil Barrington

My role is to make sure all our live projects are managed and delivered successfully for our clients.
Luke Kennedy

Luke Kennedy

I work closely with Mat and Neil to make sure the technical delivery matches the clients requirements.
Rhys Bennett

Rhys Bennett

I help you get more out of your system by delivering training, documentation and ongoing support.

What We’re Great At


Three of our team have worked directly for inventory software partners. Their knowledge of the complex world of retail, manufacturing and international shipping puts us in a unique position.

Service Operations

As a team, we’ve spent our entire careers working across a bewildering array of service operation applications. We’ve got the experience of working with the best of the best, and yes, occasionally the worst of the worst.

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Are you interested in finding out if we’re a good fit for each other? If you’re ready to take your first step to working with us, the process starts by applying for a discovery call. The truth is, what we do and the way we do it, won’t be for everyone.